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Reacting to your UNPOPULAR MUSIC(al?) opinions

Yeah, yeah, I still don’t what to call it Hey guys, How are y’all? So, today’s post, as you can see, is me reacting to your unpopular opinions about music. These are just my reactions to your opinions. Like my exact, same reactions I gave when I read them. So I don’t mean to offend anyone here, but if you still are, then sorry for that. The bold sentences are YOUR unpopular opinions. The sentences in italics are MY reaction to them. So here goes…

Riddhi @Whispering Stories

Well, my unpopular opinion is the opposite of yours: I can’t read without listening to music. -Ahh, but is it unpopular? I know so many people who can’t read without listening to music.
My other unpopular opinions are:
1. Blank Space is sorta an overrated song- I personally like Style and Out of the Woods more from that particular album -Wae?? Style and Out of the Woods are really good, and Style is equally popular, right? And Blank space, for me, is not overrated. I like it a lot. Delicate too. I know so many peepaals think it’s overrated.
2. Lately Bollywood music has reached new lows, no matter what other people say. Music of the early 2010s was so amazing, and these days these people just remix stuff and not even in a good way!
-IKR!!!!! And so many artists are plagiarizing K-Pop songs too! And bollywood songs are just LOUD.
3. Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I like folklore and evermore much more than TS’s older albums
-I think it is. Many don’t like evermore. evermore is actually really good. And folklore is awe-mazing. But I like Lover better than these two. And 1989, Red and Reputation are awe-mazing too! 4. Olivia Rodrigo writes awesome stuff, but not all her beats and stuff are that great. Also, she looks like she is a sweet person, but she gives me snakey vibes I don’t know why. Also, I seriously think that she’s a Taylor Swift wannabe. Like being a fan is one thing, but entirely copying TS’s style is another -I hate her. And so I agree with you! And yes, I really think she’s a TS wannabe too!
5. Anne Marie actually has a very nice voice and some real good music
-I have only listened to FRIENDS by her. Idk :((
6. Harry Styles is overrated
Idk. I haven’t listened to any of his solos.

Akshita @Anthology of Akshita’s Thoughts

1. I really think BTS needs to work more on their lyrics. -Ahem 🙂 This opinion is indeed unpopular. Only you I guess.

“I do believe your galaxy.

I want to listen to your melody.

The stars in your Milky Way,

How will they appear in your sky?

Don’t forget that I found you anyways.

At the end of my despair.

You’re the last reason.

For me who was standing at the edge of the cliff.


Magic Shop

Not enough? Listen to Magic Shop, So What, 4 o’ clock. The lyrics for Dynamite,Butter etc etc, those popular songs you’ve listened to, are not written by them.

2. Tony Kakkar songs should NOT become big hits!
I like Coca Cola. The only song I’ve heard, by him. So, idk.
3. Listening to music while studying is a very bad idea. I fochs on the song and lose track of what I was studying.

MM @Your Choice

1. music is what you need it to be.
if it’s to aid you while studying, that’s it.
if you feel that the lyrics and music are underwhelming, it’ll continue to be so.
if wounds heal from it, it’ll rejuvenate you.
2. all of the big artists in the public eye are for political use in the US Media, or just other medias in general.
An example of this is literally the Grammy’s in 2020. The artists were literally using the oppression of black people as a reason to rile people to vote for a president in the US. They were only saying these things to change the fact that the person who was leading in the election was not the person they wanted in office.
I’m not for any presidents of the US (past, present, and future), but what the media was doing was messed up.
Now, of course, not all artists feel this like that (or believe), but they do it to not look bad. Which I totally get, especially for smaller artists bc then their career will be over if they oppose what the media says.
-I seriously don’t know what to say.

Nehal @Quirky Pages

1. I don’t like evermore that muchOk, seriously dude, it is a good album. I didn’t like it too, until Evin asked me to listen to the songs again. 2. I hate peaches very much!! 👽I got my peaches out in Georgia, oh yeah shit~ Same Nehu. 3. I think all songs by black pink and olivia rodrigo are awesome but I’m not a fan of their mvsI like BP, but I feel like all of their songs are very similar to each other. I hate Olivia. Don’t even ask me why. 4. I actually like tony kakkar and his songs. –Again, the only song I’ve heard by him Coca Cola. I liked it. 5. Oh and I don’t like the concept of bands with only one person who sings all songs. Oh, I wouldn’t like it too I guess. I already hate the fact that JK gets a lot of lines, but I know it’s everyone’s decision. But yeah, I wouldn’t like it too.

Saumya @Draw-Write-Inspire

1. Rosé’s solo album was better than Lalisa -I listened to Lalisa. But even my IRL friends think so. That Lalisa was not that good.
2. I think some Bollywood artists have degraded while some are emerging (like Armaan Malik and Asees Kaur, and also Jubin Nautiyal)True. And some bollywood singers are not even known, even if they are really good!
3. Taylor Swift deserved the Album of the year for Lover (idk if it’s unpopular)Yup, even I think so, but yeah, I don’t think it’s unpopular. It is a really good album!
4. Sour by Olivia Rodrigo, in my opinion, Didn’t deserve all of its songs in the top 30 of Billboard Hot 100. I mean it’s a cool album but not all songs are great.
Same. Hate Olivia!
5. Charlie Puth, Hailee Steinfeld and Anne-Marie are really underrated artists.
Ik ik ik!!!! They really are, and some of their songs are masterpieces!!
7. Even though being a BTS fan, i don’t like rap songs other than in K-pop. I mean I don’t like Drake and people.
Same! I’m not a big fan of English rapping. Korean works tho. They rap musically, if that makes sense?
8. Country music is so cool (Thanks to Taylor for introducing me to it)
It is! I would not have liked country, if it weren’t for TS!

Ib @It’s IB

1. I think American music shows are very biased and overrated Oh, I sorta don’t like them much either actually. But are they overrated? I mean, I think not many people like those shows? 2. I think Olivia Rodrigo writes songs for secondary school kids going through a break up 😭😭lol. Hate Olivia!

Dhriti @Girl Power

1. I do not like k pop a lot like some of BTS crazy fan friends. ( there is this girl who made a scrap book filled with bts singers there songs, awards and bts art and craft. She went mad thinking about BTS. ) Sorry k pop fans, I just do not like it. They all look the same do not get the difference. Ok, so personal opinion, it’s her choice. So what if she goes mad thinking about them? You don’t like them. Ok. You can’t tell other people to not like them too. 2. And I also hate peaches It really is overrated I feel. Though I sorta like it. More like a love-hate relationship, you know? 3. Olivia Rodrigo writes mostly break up songs, when is she ever happy lol. I don’t know. But hate Olivia! 4. Listening to music while studying is not a good idea but if you are a multitasker then okay, one time I was listening to music and studying I wrote the same question 3 times. R-E-L-A-T-A-B-L-E 5.Most bands start to write bad music when they become popular Maybe. I’m not so sure about that. I mean, why would they do that??

Shweta di @My Random Ramblings

I can’t read or write while listening to music either. It is really distracting. But I love listening to music while driving. It keeps me calm when I’m stuck in traffic. But on the other hand, when I was a student, I used to listen to music while working out mathematical problems. And I never used to make any mistakes either. That was the one reason why I used to love working out mathematical problems!Same!! It is distracting, and it’s like, not giving justice to such wonderful music. Music should have it’s own time!

Evin @A Curly Sue’s Ramblings

1. Louis Tomlinson deserves more recognition (not that unpopular but)Me knows nothing about 1D. But he’s cute.
2. Falling deserved a Grammy rather than watermelon sugar (Harry styles)
I haven’t listened to both of those songs.
3. Wrong artists are featured too much.
Oh. Ok. I never thought of this. I’ll concentrate more on the featuring artists from now on ig.
4. Olivia Rodrigo is overrated
IKR!! Hate Olivia

Simran @Far from perfect

1. I dont like Ariana Grande’s songs all that much some of them are nice but I dont like a lot of them -Same you know? Some of her songs are good. But I don’t love her songs a lot.
2.I think Rose’ was better than Lalisa Again, my friends think so too. So I think so too, hehe.
3. I like butter better than Permission to dance100% agree!
4. I think BTS deserved that grammyDitto!!!
5. Most new hindi songs are not good they are just noisyYass!!! I know!

SS @The Bored Side Of The Phone

1. Not all techno music is bad
There are some pretty chill and cool artists like Daft Punk, TheFatRat, Marshmello and a bunch of others.
Never listened to techno music. Or so I think. I’m sure I wouldn’t have realised it was techno. Will give it a try.
2. I personally think studying with music isn’t that great for me because it serves as a distraction and just makes me lose focus.
True! Very true! I’ve experienced that! And we need to give music justice. It’s not a side. It’s the main course!
3. Band/artist shirts worn by non fans of an artist shouldn’t be made a big deal of by fans of the said artist. Maybe the person who bought the shirt probably liked how it looked or something? This doesn’t suggest that they should be labeled a “poser” by fans. It’s just a piece of clothing after all.
Yeah, true. But fans do that? I didn’t know about it.
4. Mainstream rap music has just gone down the gutter in the recent times……I’m sad to say this as someone who occasionally listens to rap 😅
I have only ever liked BTS raps. And I don’t really like the English rap artists. I guess this is why?

Poorwa @Poorwa’s Blog

1. Anyone who doesn’t like rap because of swearing and other nonsense stuff, should definitely give K-pop a try.IKR!!!
2. Little Mix songs are underrated and it’s not fair. I’m not a fan of their music videos though.
Yes, they are!! Underrated, I mean! I agree.
3. Listening to music while writing my assignments or projects helps me to write faster and this way I don’t get tired easily.
True. It actually helps. Though I still feel like we should give priority to the music more.
4. Bollywood music has lost its place in my eyes. Most of their new songs are nothing but remixes with nonsense lyrics.
Me too! IKR!!!
5. I don’t like Tony Kakkar, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. And yes, Jason Derulo too but I love a couple of his songs.
6. Sour by Olivia Rodrigo was a great album but I think it’s quite overrated.
Hate Olivia!

Rayna @Ray’s Realm

1. I don’t like rap. Oh, ok.
2. Nor do I like kpop.
Oh, ok. Again.
3. Ariana Grande is overrated.

Betty @The Box of Wonder!

1. Taylor swift is better than BTS or any other kind of famous bands these days(Is that unpopular?) Ok, first off, yes, that is an unpopular opinion. Good one. Second, Taylor Swift is not a band. 2. If you listen to music while writing something, you will write the lyrics of that song instead of what you’re supposed to (it happens with me a lot, I’ve stopped listening to songs while studying😪)I have never done it, but I have heard people doing it. 3. Kpop and Rap songs DON’T deserve the publicity they get (I just don’t like them)Ahh, that’s the point though. It’s your opinion only. You can’t decide about their publicity, can you?

Done done done! I hope guys enjoyed reading it So, by the time I post this, I’ll be on a hiatus(Yup, this is scheduled). But I couldn’t keep this any longer. I also wanted to tell you guys that there will be reminder posts for the magazine throughout the hiatus, coz I’m just taking a wordpress hiatus. I don’t wanna stop publishing magazines. So yeah, there will be that. At least 5 reminders each month. And I’m sure it won’t be a 6 month long hiatus. It might be? I don’t know. But I’ll sure be back one day(my first one year WP anniversary!! It’s on Jin’s birthday, if that isn’t enough hint, I don’t know what is😂) then I’ll go away again, except for the already scheduled and reminder posts, I won’t be active here at all. I’m really sorry tho. But 12th, I really need score a good percentage, if I wanna get into a good architecture college in the US. And the way I’m studying now is not at all enough. I hope you guys understand.

The October issue will be out on 1st November. As usual , I’ll link the magazine, and it will be published on the issuu website. Also, guys, send your poems, write-ups, quotes, songs and letters(to literally anyone) you’ve written to The last date to submit your entries is 22nd November, if you want to make it to the November issue. You can read this post for more information about the magazine. And you can find the link for the September issue in this post! Check it out if you wanna know how the magazine actually is like. Will be waiting for your mails!

That’s it for now. Take care guys!



Hey! I'm Pannaga! I'm 17. "State of Craze" is a Taylor Swift pun, from her song, "State of Grace". I have a thing for hoodies and the name 'Dexter'!! I may be the wildest, goofiest, unpredictable-est, and sarcastic-est, and the dramatic-est person you might ever meet!!! I love to SLeEP!!! I love reading books and listening to music! BTS and Taylor Swift are my absolute favorites of all time!!! Oh, btw, I use exclamatory marks more than full stops :) OK, bye-bye!

90 thoughts on “Reacting to your UNPOPULAR MUSIC(al?) opinions

  1. Seriously, great post!
    But freaking stop saying you hate Olivia when you haven’t even heard half her songs dude! How would you feel if I say I hate bts without even listening to their songs.
    Apart from that, yeah fun post! 😂

    Liked by 5 people

    1. The vibes dude!!! The vibes she gives is always so bad! And for your kind information, this is a scheduled post, and I have listened to her after writing this. And I still stand by my words!
      Thank you tho😁
      And you would not be alive if you had said hate BTS without listening to them. Soo🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “Me knows nothing about 1D. But he’s cute.”

    You right on that.😌💙 Welll you should do a 1D review, they have pretty great songs. Esp FOUR.

    Also, I don’t hate olivia Rodrigo, she has pretty good songs like traitor and favourite crime. But I don’t “loveeee” her music either. I think bts need to work on some of their lyrics, but I LOVE magic shop & spring day!💜

    You need to listen to falling, it’s an amazing song. I loved this post!! Would you mind if I did something similar to this? I’m curious what my blog readers’ unpopular music opinions are. I’ll credit you, obviously.

    ALSO EVERMORE DESERVES SO MUCH MORE it’s a very different style to old T.S albums, but you have to agree that the lyricism in evermore & folklore beat everything else. 😩👏

    Liked by 3 people

    1. BTS writes one of the best lyrics out there. Real philosophical and psychological wordplays. Harvard university has referenced them and so many other huge platforms plus they won’t be invited to give speeches at UNICEF if their lyrics weren’t deep enough to touch people. I think you just need to research more. 200+ songs at your fingertips 🤍

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Will listen to it! Thanks!!
      They are good you know, the lyrics. People tend to judge them(like me judging Olivia, obviously. Not saying they are the only wrong do-ers) But yeah, they are underrated, so you wouldn’t know about them. But try listening to them one day.
      And yes! Those two are awe-mazing!!
      Ok! I will!!
      Sure sure!! Will be waiting!
      Yes! Absolutely agree on that!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m not judging them, just saying. I have a heard a lot of songs by them, not just the popular ones : )
        Thank you! I probably won’t get around to it this month, so maybe in december?? I’m excited to do this post though.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Ok wow I agree with a lot of these things ahahah. I think Sour was alright – her songs are quite good, and I do enjoy her lyrics, but I feel like so many of the songs felt like repeats of songs from other artists ya know? Nothing really special from the album 😕And also I really really enjoyed the lover album! It was just so fun and upbeat ahh. AND YES LITTLE MIX IS SO UNDERRATED ARGH THEIR SONGS DESERVE SO MUCH MORE ATTENTION!! This was such a great post to read!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hehe. Ahh, ok. And yes! I felt that about her too!! And yes! Lover😭 it is!!
      I know it is underrated. I know the songs are really good. But I haven’t listened to a lot of them, coz I don’t even know why. But will give them a try one day!
      Thank you so much!!


  4. I ageee with this all!!! little mix is definitely my FAV AND THEY sooo underrated, and idk how harry styles soo overrated does he even deserve it? I like his his watermelon sugar tho but soo much attention ugh?😂😅

    Liked by 2 people

    1. you can’t say that if you haven’t heard his album. Don’t have to bash an artist to raise another one..ykow😕
      he writes Amazing lyrics, he’s respectful and kind to his fans, he was in one of the biggest and best boybands in the world.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. sry about the comments but

      i think you’ve probably only heard watermelon sugar by harry Styles, of course everyone’s heard it, cuz it’s pretty popular. And catchy. You should listen to songs like fine line, ever since new york, from the dining table and sweet creature. They have so much emotion, and Incredible lyrics. Not to mention he also has a huge fanbase.
      you saying HS is overrated by only listening to one of his songs is like me saying I don’t like little mix only by hearing black magic🙃

      i do like some of their songs though.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. amazing post
    How can you not like olivia if you havent even heard her music? Like it’s not WOW, but not bad either.
    Also, I don’t think Taylor Swift and BTS can be compared, because one is a queen and the others are princes, you know? Like everyone has their own opinion, of course, but like they are worlds apart.
    Also, you have accidentally written November instead of october in the last paragraph.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you!
      Go check my reply to Nehal’s comment. Her’s is the first one btw.
      I mean, I agree with that too. They can’t be compared. But I don’t completely agree with you. I mean, ok, TS is queen. But BTS are legends. Like Micheal Jackson. Some celebrities, you don’t forget, even after they die. Princes makes them look so, you know, still developing their skills. And just because you haven’t known them all that well doesn’t make them not-kings. Coz, I mean, everyone can see what difficulties Taylor Swift went through. Everyone can listen to all Taylor Swift underrated songs. I’ve never seen that done for BTS. And ppl can see all the motivation TS has given, but for god’s sake, BTS is the “Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generations and Culture” at the UNICEF for god’s sake. So it doesn’t feel right, even if you call them princes. And obviously they are worlds apart. TS had her advantages, being an American. And what BTS has done, being Koreans, is a really big deal. And I’m not saying you are saying bad about BTS. But just one word can make a lot of difference you know?
      And it is right. It is the November issue.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. first of all, we did have a convo on bts unpopular songs being good, remember? i just meant they need to work more and not that its bad or something, guess it came out wrong😅😅
    and panna, listen to olivia, i swear you’ll change your mind\
    otherwise, fun post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nope. Sorry then. And yeah, being their fan, I know everything bad about them comes out wrong. I mean, I know you didn’t intend what I thought you intended. But I sorta can’t accept things which are so not true.
      I have. I didn’t.
      Thank you!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. ohh u hating olivia just breaks me💔🙂 Idk anything about her being a wannabe ts becoz I discovered Olivia before ts😂😂
    And I am sad that I missed giving my opinions🙄 Next time *sigh*😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh. Gods. So many Olivia fans. I will listen to her songs all over again. I might even change my mind, even if the chances are like 0.01%
      Oh wow! I have never seen THAT happen.
      Ahh yes. Next time!

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Woah the comment section here is a mess lol. I seriously am not in a good mood of writing a long comment that I want so badly but I’m quite late for this ig. Only one thing, when I reviewed Olivia’s album I liked most of the songs but now that I listen to her songs I don’t like them honestly. I don’t hate her but don’t even like her either. idk…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. 1. TBH. Olivia has a nice voice but like when I listen to her songs, like…why on earth does this give a taylor swift vibe? She needs to have her own vibe in her songs somehow…and she is definitely overrated. Artists should all have their own unique style. Being an artist is all about uniqueness.
    2. Rose’s On The Ground and Gone were a million times better than Lalisa. Lalisa is a good song but the depth of the lyrics is literally not here. Have no idea why fans have to stream ”okay music”. The only part that was really good was the FBI part and the pole dancing one. IDK but Rose gives a totally different vibe to the song she is singing. Like her voice and melody blend together really well. I mean listen to her song ‘Gone’ and notice how well her voice harmonizes with the music. And she has a depth to the lyrics I really love. And Jennie’s solo was just….*5 fire emojis here* Like…so good. Money by lisa was also better than lalisa. Like the song was cool. But I don’t like the way people talk about money in this way.
    3. I am a Blink but their bop songs like Kill this Love and How You Like That are a hundred steps below their underrated ones like Stay, You Never Know, Whistle, Don’t Know What To Do and Hope Not (the english version where you understand the lyrics I can’t-*crying emoji here because my computer is ignoring my very clear and precise orders*) It is sad they don’t make music like this anymore…at least those had beautiful lyrics.
    BTW, your post is great. I don’t think I have been able to read that many posts which are that long…maybe just a few. Like talking about people’s opinions in general is a great topic. *insert smiley face with smiling eyes here*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow. This is one long comment. Thanks for writing it! And I hate Olivia. She gives me terribly bad vibes. And yes, I feel that too. Not too original.
      And I’m not a blink fan. All I know in k pop is BTS. But I have listened to lalisa. I didn’t like it very much too.
      Thanks so much for reading!!

      Liked by 1 person

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